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Infix Italy, Inc. 

VIA Paolo Da Cannobio 9, 20122, Milano ITALIA

Private import agent for medical equipment
Personal import agent for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and quasi-drugs
Planning and implementation of surveys, research, and workshops related to medical care
Manufacturing and sales of quasi-drugs(No:13D0X10553)
Manufacturing and sales of cosmetics(No:13C0X11955) 
Sales and rental of Specially controlled medical devices (No: 3墨福衛生薬第462号)
Repair medical devices (No:13BS201369) 
Type 1 Manufacturing and sales of medical devices (No:13B1X10355) 
Type 2 Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals (No:13A2X10153)
L-Cepfer for Face and Body 
Manufacturing of quasi-drugs (No:13DZ200273)
Manufacturing of cosmetics
Manufacturing of medical devices (No:13BZ201712) 

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In order to meet our customers' expectations by building a worldwide network,

we have been researching overseas market trends and expanding our own network by participating in overseas exhibitions & conferences, as well as conducting local market research in Europe, America, and other Asian countries.

Particularly in the European market, we have already built up a strong and unique network and will continue to expand our own network throughout the world, including America and other Asian countries.

Building International Network 

Business Meeting

Our company provides comprehensive business management consulting to Japanese beauty treatment facilities through a network of domestic and international doctors, various overseas manufacturers and distributors.

Nowadays, due to the intense competition, various know-how differentiated from other clinics is essential for the management of medical facilities.


We provide support for planning and opening your clinic. After opening, we advise you to select equipment to optimize the return on investment which is essential for the success of a medical facility. We also propose Web marketing know-how for attracting customers, including website creation and operation and investment.

Business consulting for beauty care facilities

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The Japanese market is very different from that of other countries in terms of laws and regulations.

Thus, many foreign companies are hesitant to enter the Japanese market due to the various obstacles they face. We provide comprehensive consulting services for foreign companies wishing to enter the Japanese market efficiently and quickly, including support for selecting distributors, preparation of various documents, and provision of marketing know-how in the initial stage. We believe that the Japanese market will become more vibrant with the entry of new and dynamic foreign companies.

Building International Network 

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