COSME 2021

We were glad to be participating to COSME 2021. 

We learn a lot among the few seminar we were able to attend. 

We are looking forward to learn more in the future about our different markets, strategies, expectation of our customers. 

CT-S1 『化粧品輸入販売の基礎知識 〜医薬品医療機器等法から学ぶ〜』

Basic Knowledge of Import and Sales of Cosmetics -Learning from the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law (Japan)

EST-S2【2021年1月最新】次世代型 無料集客メソッド ~Instagram & MEO活用~  ドクターリセラ(株)  サロンサポート事業部 3課 ITアドバイザー  今井 悠太

January 2021 Newest] Next Generation Free Customer Attraction Method - Using Instagram & MEO - Dr. Licera Corporation, Salon Support Division, Section 3, IT Advisor Yuta Imai

EST-S3 【美容医療機器によるたるみ治療】

Treatment of sagging skin with cosmetic medical equipment

EST-S5 【 2021年 美容医療のトレンド予測と業績アップ手法!】

2021 Aesthetic Medicine Trend Forecast and Performance Improvement Methods!


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