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Joint development with medical institutions
Incorporating Cell Processing Center labs

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"I want to recreate the same care at home that I get at the beauty clinic!
In response to the voices of such patients, a new sheet mask developed in collaboration with doctors in the field of regenerative medicine is now available!

Human adipocytes extract, which is produced when stem cells are cultured, contains rich nutrition and is suitable for anti-aging care.

"In the medical field, it is applied to many treatments such as intravenous infusion, skin injection, ion introduction and electroporation introduction.
CPC Gold Mask was born from the desire of doctors and patients to reproduce the same effects of treatment in their daily home care.

CPC Gold Mask is a sheet mask for anti-aging care

that aims to: produce the same treatment effects as in clinics.

Ginza Yoshie Clinic
General Director Dr. Yoshie Hirose

An anti-aging mask for people who are concerned about wrinkles and age spots.

The "CPC Gold Mask" contains many kinds of beauty ingredients including human adipocyte sequential culture fluid extract, and is made of highly adhesive material that prevents the active ingredients from evaporating.

CPC Gold Mask" is a "once-a-week reward care" that will improve your skin condition.
The uniquely developed shape of the mask covers not only the face but also the neck, providing comprehensive care for spots, wrinkles, and other age-related concerns.

The mask is designed to provide comprehensive care for all age-related concerns such as wrinkles and blemishes.

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